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Initial Office Consultation
During your first appointment  at Travelers Health & Immunization Center, you will consult with a nurse specializing in travel health to determine your travel related risks specific to your itinerary. This may include information regarding vaccinations and medications, as well as advice.

$ 40.00
Travelers Health & Immunization Center Services
At Travelers Health & Immunization Center, we provide our patients with high quality care personalized to their unique needs. 
Travel-Related Vaccinations
Vaccination needs are determined after consulting with the travel health nurse. These vaccines may be routine, recommended, or required depending on your specific travel plans.

Prices Available Upon Request
Work and School Related Vaccinations
Travelers Health & Immunization Center also provides vaccinations such as Hepatitis B, Meningococcal Meningitis, TDaP, and MMR that may be necessary for school or employment.

Prices Available Upon Request
For more travel-related information, access the websites listed below --
Currently the standard Yellow Fever vaccine is unavailable in the United States. We anticipate that this situation will be resolved by mid 2018.  See for details.